Easiest portfolio ever.

bulb makes it quick to share your ideas, creations, and work.

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What is bulb?

The stuff in your head, brought to life instantly.

Bulb is easy and fast. Formatting is automatic, so you can focus on writing and creating. Have a thought on something? Put it out there in nanoseconds.

Made for ideas big and small.

Jot down some class notes to share. Or create a new theory about quantum entanglement. Either way, bulb makes it effortless to bring new ideas to life.

Learn a few things.

Dig deeper on topics you care about. Discover new ones that'll grab you. Bulb is both beautiful and universally simple, so we can all get smarter together.

Beauty is built in.

Bulb's design template is clean and elegant. That way you can focus on the creating, not the setup.

Words. Visuals. Done.

Start typing. Drag in a photo or video. Within seconds, you'll feel like you've been making bulbs forever.

Great minds bulb alike.

Whatever you care about, you'll find people with similar interests. Teach them. Learn from them. It's a whole community getting smarter together.