Easiest portfolio ever

Bulb is the new, inspired way for students and teachers to create and share work.

Add your work to more than 300,000 bulbs.

A place for students to publish their assignments

Homework. Essays. Class projects. Bulb's simple, elegant format brings them to life like never before. More.

  • Clean, simple and consistent format
  • Work isn't all over the place
  • Photos and videos add new dimensions to work
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Easy on the eyes when reviewing

Creativity isn't just for art class

Fun and beautiful work equals proud and engaged students. Bulb brings out the best in everyone. More.

  • Bulb embraces students as the digital citizens they are
  • Brings real-life creativity into the classroom
  • Photos and videos pull students further into their work
  • Compelling presentations inspire students to share
  • Why explain how ugly Charles II was when you can show it

A portfolio that creates itself

Why should work be disposable? When students graduate, their work goes with them.

  • Work is automatically saved
  • Students can easily organize their work in collections
  • Gathering and displaying work is no longer a challenge
  • Students are building portfolios and don't even know it
  • Bulb gives work a future life

A modern lesson in sharing

Bulb believes in the Audience Effect. Sharing with parents and classmates always inspires better work.

  • Students rarely work to full potential in a vacuum
  • A supportive crowd has been proven to improve performance
  • Network of peers, educators, family members, and someday the world
  • Share with the click of a button
  • Keeps students excited and working hard

No need to bother the tech folks

Forget training and complicated setups. With bulb, you're up and running instantly.

  • Nothing to download, install or update. Ever.
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Fastest way to get students publishing work online
  • Web-based, so you can get right to it
  • Make your first bulb in minutes

One more thing for you to do?

No. We promise. Because bulb streamlines how students work, it simplifies life for teachers.

  • Un-clutter, organize, simplify, and share in a snap
  • All your assignments in one place
  • Immediately streamlines entire classwork process
  • No more stacks of paper or "dog-eaten" assignments
  • Well-designed work is a pleasure to read


Teachers and students from the world’s top learning institutions use bulb.