• Keep the work that matters in bulb Digital Portfolios.
  • Organize it by subject areas, projects, hobbies or career goals.
  • Share your record of work for any class, college application, scholarship opportunity or job application.
  • Make your learning visible, including those hard-to-capture skills and competencies.

Your bulb digital portfolio is yours for life.

Use it to show and tell the world what you know.

Our commitment to you.

Your data will never be sold to 3rd parties. You (or your district) set sharing permissions and always control who can see your work.

Simple drag-and-drop tools. Intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Polished and professional looking portfolios.

Create from scratch or embed any type of content. Images, videos, presentations (Prezi, Flickr, PowerPoint) Word, PDF, Excel, Google Drive, and more!

Your bulb is yours for life. Graduate, start a new job, or explore a hobby. Add to your bulb over your lifetime.