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like your student essay on famine

It has been more than 30 years since the United Nations declared that famine could be ended within a decade (Humanitarian Practice Network 2004, 1). In January 2006, Oxfam launched its largest emergency food aid appeal ever (Oxfam 2006). Famine has proved a more persistent foe than expected . . .

or the behind the scenes for the French,
indie sci-fi film you made

Acting in front of a green screen is no easy feat - the colour is loud, which creates a void. I had to immerse myself in an imaginary, poetic world. It's amazing the influence that sets have on the way we act . . .

or the lessons you wrote for the art class you teach

Squint. Squinting helps reduce detail and enhance contrast. Squint to help learn to SEE the lights and darks. The most important thing is to remind yourself that you are not painting an orange, you are painting light and dark values . . .

or the TED talk you gave

Two words. These two words can change your mood. They can change your mind. They can change your heart. I'm going to make the case today that these two words can change lives, and change the world if we understand them, and if we leverage them . . .

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