bulb believes in telling your story with beautiful, dynamic & detailed content.

bulb digital portfolios started as a platform for students to show they’re more than a test score; it still is the simplest digital formative assessment tool on the market. And as the product has grown, bulb has turned into a global hub where users showcase their skills through beautiful, multimedia content on an incredibly easy-to-use platform.


bulb is a reflection tool;  giving users a place to store and organize their content.

bulb is personalized learning;  making setting and tracking goals easy.

bulb is collaborative; users can share;  review, easy-to-use and comment globally or privately.

bulb is the best ePortfolio in today’s market;  with over 1900 integrations and it’s free for everyone.

Today, students and educators use bulb Digital Portfolios to shape knowledge and ideas into practical, usable and shareable work. A growing number of educators are using bulb to more completely track student progress and growth and measure competency.