Prepare students to meet the demands of the digital era.

The most influential tool for teachers and students.

Give students a lifetime tool.

Leave students with evidence of their learning, discoveries of their passions and critical skills for the future. Digital portfolios nurture students after graduation to reach college and career goals.

Excite parents with meaningful insights.

Measure competencies beyond tests to identify strengths and weaknesses. Unlock access for parents to see what their children are learning in class and allow direct feedback for growth.

Support educators in every aspect.

Provide a tool where teachers can personalize their lesson plans, capture their goals, evidence and track their own growth as professionals.

Maximize academic excellence.

Create a modern, relevant and personalized learning experience using one of the easiest tools in education. Support alternative assessment for any curriculum and for all grades.

Seamless integration.

Maximize your investment with other learning systems. Our flexible, responsive tool effortlessly integrates with your existing technology ecosystem.

What can a digital portfolio initiative do?

  • Measure student achievement beyond GPA
  • Incorporate modern learning
  • Engage with parents & give them an active role
  • Keep students safe (FERPA, COPPA compliant)
  • Save time & integrate with current learning systems
  • Increase student completion rates by 33%*
  • Increase GPA by 10%*
  • Gratify 82% of parents & educators who prefer career-oriented classes in school*

 (Sources: PDK Poll 2017 & 2018, The McKinsey
  Global Institute, CCRSCenter)*

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