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What we do with what we know, and how we share it, has never been more important. When students create, collect and share knowledge, learning is more transparent. Traditional tools for measuring competency fall short of identifying the complete ability of a student and often fail to offer feedback to personalize learning.

“Schools who faithfully implement a digital portfolio program see a 33% increase in student completion rates and 10% increase in grades attained.”—International Journal of ePortfolio

A school-wide digital portfolio initiative will:

  • Document a student’s process and growth over time
  • Provide evidence of a student’s potential to a future school or employer
  • Make visible the sometimes elusive and less visible process work that goes into long projects and big ideas
  • Empower students to be agents of their education, be more engaged and improve performance in competitions and academics

A modern learning experience invites students and educators to create a beautiful, shareable record of work to #MeasureWhatMatters.


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