Wheat Field with Cypresses, 1889
Vincent van Gogh

Let’s start with 10 letters: everything. bulb can be used for everything. It’s your living, breathing journal. And with the simple click of one button, it’s also one of the best presenting platforms. To narrow your possibilities, here are 10 ways to use bulb digital portfolios.

1. Personal/Professional Development 

By keeping a clear documentation of work, reflection and refining comes natural and easy with bulb. You can see which methods have been tried, which goals have been met and what exactly you need to do if they haven’t.


2. Blogging/Vlogging/Podcasting

 Simply open up a page and just start typing. Or embed and create any audio or video. bulb is a beautiful platform to start your own series of content. Documents often limit creativity. bulb encourages it by giving you a space to add multimedia, however you want.


3. Documenting travel & leisure

 Why separate your journal and photo album when you could use the platform for both? bulb is the modern scrapbook, allowing you to curate any media type to bring your experiences to life.


4. Journal

 Journaling on bulb is ideal because you can keep your work private or public. Your bulb is as personal as you want it, or it’s prepared to be shared with the world. Create daily pages, monthly collections then take a step back. And reflect on entire years’ worth of journaling on bulb.


5. A modern, multidimensional resume 

 Be as thorough as you need to demonstrate skills to future employers. Show, rather than say or write, what you’ve accomplished at your past jobs. You can create a high-level overview of all your accomplishments and link each project to have their own spotlight, whether it’s one project or 10there’s space for all of them.


6. Organization

 Manage and easily locate previous or current work. Your digital portfolio complements your website by keeping the behind the scenes content, like outlines, documents, spreadsheets and processes. 


7. General assignments

Whatever your occupation—an educator, tutor, consultant—create general assignments and have them turned into you directly on the platform.


8. Sharing expertise or a learning journey

 bulb is a limitless world of sharing, gaining and promoting knowledge. It’s where people passionate about learning or teaching meet— a place where your skills, talents and experiences are just as welcomed as you. 


9. Collaboration and group work. 

 All of us are smarter than one of us. So, we made feedback effortless. You have unlimited group creations and inline commenting, which will soon include audio, to collaborate like never before. 


10. An entire life summary. 

 bulb is powerful enough for an entire life’s worth of content. We often forget about the work that matters, the tasks we’ve worked so hard to accomplish, the education we’ve devoted so much time to. And we need to remember thiswe need to remember and keep what matters.


Check out Will Robinson’s life portfolio on bulb.

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23 August 2019