4 Easy Assignments You Can Create Using a Digital Portfolio

A bulb digital portfolio is a good idea for your students’ success. Building lessons using the template feature is a great place to start. 

Before we begin, here are some important planning tips.

  1. Focus. Jot down a clearly articulated purpose for the exercise. As you introduce the lesson, identify the goals of the lesson and articulate each step until everyone is comfortable creating, publishing and using templates on bulb.
  2. Engagement.  A template is a guide and bulb is a place where students can express themselves and be creative. As you build lessons, encourage students to take ownership. This will empower and inspire them to create a more comprehensive portfolio.
  3. Cross-curricula. Create the template with more than one academic discipline, so students can use their portfolio in any class.

As you build the lessons for your students, create your own as a guide or model for your class. [Learn more about creating templates here.]

Here are  4 sample lessons you can use in bulb:

Assignment #1 – Great for elementary school students.

My favorite color is BLUE because I think it is the coolest of all the colors I’ve ever seen.

Some of my other favorite things are also blue :

    1. Dallas Cowboys
    2. The ocean
    3. Texas bluebonnets

Assignment #2 – Works well with elementary or middle school students.

  • Name your favorite sport to play or watch.
  • Talk about why you like the sport.
  • Provide some personal context.
  • Add a photo or link to a video.


My favorite sport is SOCCER!!

I like all sports, but my favorite sport is SOCCER because:

a. I can run fast

b. I like to watch Messi score lots of goals

c. I have lots of friends on my team.

Picture of me after a soccer game in Crested Butte with my friend:

Assignment #3 – Great for middle or high school students.

  • Name a favorite food.
  • Talk about why you like it.
  • Conduct research, remember to record your sources.
  • Give some history about the food’s origins.
  • Provide some personal context.
  • Add photos or a video to personalize or add context.


Paella is my favorite food. It’s my favorite because:

  • It comes from Spain.
  • I eat it with my family.
  • I love seafood.
  • I love rice.
  • It’s a family tradition.
  • We usually cook it outside like a BBQ.
  • It reminds me of summertime.

Some paella history

Valencia in Eastern Spain is the undisputed home of paella. It is one of the largest natural ports in the Mediterranean and has been one of the most important rice-producing areas in Spain since rice was introduced by the Moors over 1200 years ago. In fact, the Spanish word for rice is arroz, which is derived from Arabic, not Latin like most of Castilian Spanish.

Paella was originally farmers’ and farm labourers’ food, cooked by the workers over a wood fire for the lunchtime meal. Paella was also traditionally eaten straight from the pan in which it was cooked with each person using his own wooden spoon.

Paella is my favorite food not only because it is the best thing I’ve ever tasted, but because it brings my family together when we eat it!

Assignment #4 – Great for middle or high school students.

About my favorite smell – 10th grade

  • Select a word and define it.
  • Describe when you experience the smell and how it makes you feel


The smell after it rains.

In my personal opinion, there is nothing more soothing than opening a window, or walking outside after a good downpour and taking a deep breath in through your nose.

I actually had no idea there was a real word for this until a couple months ago. BUT – viola! There is, and its origin is Greek… Which has to mean that I’m not the first and only person to also enjoy this refreshing smell.  

The first time I distinctly remember smelling petrichor was when I was really little. I couldn’t have been more than 5, but I was walking to the park with my mom I remember seeing the worms all over the sidewalk and thinking… what is that smell……? and LOVING it.

Now I love the rain because it means that I might get a whiff when it’s over, but I don’t think I couldn’t handle it everyday, because I like having it just as a little treat every now and then.

Scratch and sniff below ———>

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14 September 2018