Learn simple tips on how to build a digital portfolio that speaks volumes to future employers or clients.

A digital portfolio tells your story through beautiful, detailed and dynamic content. Creating one is simple. But it can have a large impact at your next opportunity. Here are a few easy ways you can use a digital portfolio to leave a lasting impression on employers, clients or peers around the world.

bulb makes organizing your content easy.

The digital space is overwhelming with information scattered in different places. Organize your resources in one place, and make connections between the mass amount of content we consume every day.

bulb makes building interactive bios easy. 

You can link keywords, add multiple photos, and host audio and video on any bulb page. Adding these elements to an “about me” page helps paint your whole story while creating a dynamic experience for your audience. You can even spark engaging conversations with comments.

bulb makes showcasing your expertise easy. 

Expand on your experiences and expertise in a collection about your career field. A digital portfolio can explain your knowledge in great detail. A great user example is Martin Villeneuve, a Montreal-based filmmaker who uses bulb to give his fans a behind the scenes look into his films and inspirations.

bulb makes personalized digital portfolios easy. 

Showcasing your personality, hobbies and interests through bulb pages helps others get to know you. Looking at William Robinson’s digital portfolio, you can see how his content can help his clients feel at ease and excited about working with him.

We claim unique perspective and ability, but employers will seek to identify those claims. So, the need for a “portfolio of work” becomes one of the most determinative tools in the modern workforce. The opportunity for professionals to have living proof of their contributions is an essential part of the modern resume. bulb understands that and makes creating a portfolio with a large impact easy.

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22 November 2019