5 Ways Digital Portfolios Improve Reading & Writing

Here are five simple strategies to help students enjoy practicing and refining their reading, writing and literacy skills.

1. They invite expression and creativity.


Your students have an array of tools for multimedia creation and application, successfully targeting all five components of ELA: listening, speaking, viewing, writing and reading. Help your students master these areas and develop a varied skill set for any curriculum.


Snippets from the Mark Twain Master Course from the bulbLibrary.


2. They support all learning styles. 


Your students learn differently from one another. Digital portfolios make lessons resonate with all students and learning styles. Auditory learners can listen to instructions or pronunciations, visual learners can use videos or images, kinesthetic learners can document experiences or processes and reading/writing learners can further their skills.

A compilation of portfolio examples from different types of learners. 

Oral Spanish Exam in bulbLibrary 

Job Research & Shadowing in bulbLibrary

Art Portfolio by Ash Catalan



3. They facilitate discussion and collaboration. 


Your students can collaborate, comment and gain perspective by viewing each other’s work in bulb. Spark engaging conversations around literature by hosting book reviews. Or give feedback during the writing process.

A book analysis completed by two students. 

Book Analysis in bulbLibrary

Novel Analysis in bulbLibrary


4. They can translate and share information in any language. 


Your students can share their smarts with the world. Translate a digital portfolio to any language for acquisition or to land an opportunity in a different country.

A report of the Le Pantheon in French. 


5. They encourage a lifetime of writing. 


Your students can express and discover themselves through a digital portfolio. Give your students a platform with no creative boundaries. Encourage your students to write about anything and collect work done for reflection and growth.

A collection of writing samples sorted by subject and interest areas.

Creative Writing Portfolio in bulbLibrary

Windy City Vacation Snippet


For additional ELA resources, explore the Resource Center . To start your writing portfolio, click here for a template. 

9 October 2019