7 Pieces of Expert Advice on Using Digital Portfolios During School Closures

Nancy Garvey, Director of Digital Learning from Coppell ISD in Texas joins bulb to talk about 7 simple ways to use digital portfolios for remote learning.

On Tuesday, March 17th, we sat down with Nancy Garvey, Director of Digital Learning at Coppell ISD, and Bria Jones, bulb expert, to discuss how to get the most out of using digital portfolios for remote learning. 


In this uncertain and stressful time for schools, Nancy gave 7 practical tips for schools who are using digital portfolios as part of their remote learning plans:


1. We’re in the perfect authentic experience to teach kids the skills they need for the future.


2. When it feels overwhelming, start with the low hanging fruit. Find things that take away stress and get right to the learning for both teachers & students.


3. Introduce digital learning tools to teachers while they aren’t in front of students. This is helpful for reducing stress and allows teachers to give their full attention to learn something new.


4. When introducing new digital tools (LMS, digital portfolios, etc) be very clear about the what and how. When you’re clear, teachers will have a clear direction on how to use the tool.


5. An LMS is a place to manage the learning. Digital Portfolios are the place you can see the learning (e.g. track student growth).


6. Tracking student progress digitally now will help set teachers up for success next year. Teachers will have a place to see where students landed at the end of the 19-20 school year and be able to create better individualized learning plans.


7. Digital Portfolios are all about letting students track their growth and show their progress in their own way. If a student struggles with writing, they have audio and visual options to show their learning.

Did you know bulb is giving their enterprise digital portfolio, bulbEd, to schools for free until the end of Summer 2020?

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19 March 2020