How to use digital portfolios in High Schools for workforce readiness

Principal Peter Harris of PTECH: Hudson Valley Pathways Academy (HVPA) join bulb to share his experience using bulb Digital Portfolios with his students. Located in the state of New York, HVPA is a six-year learning pathway where students earn both a high school diploma and an associate degree. Students also graduate workforce-ready, having skills that put them first in line for available positions with industry partners.

In this 60-minute webinar Principal Harris shared:

  • How HVPA is different from traditional high schools
  • The role partnerships with local businesses play for the students
  • Why HVPA chose to implement a digital portfolio program
  • How digital portfolios impact the work of students & educators
  • Two pieces of advice for educational professionals who are considering implementing digital portfolios into their 2020-’21 school plan:
    • Teach your students how to tell their story to a specific audience. How are They capturing their learning moments and how does this content speak to the audience?
    • Clearly defining & demonstrating to students how to curate beautiful work. What is beautiful work? How do you achieve it, revise it, and reflect on it? Create systems to give students feedback so they can personally and professionally grow.

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Resources shared during the webinar:

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23 July 2020