How to Cite Sources in a Digital Portfolio

“All ideas are second hand, consciously and unconsciously drawn from a million outside sources.” – Mark Twain

Do your students struggle with sourcing their resources? And, do they seem to get frustrated by the rules around citations? 

It might be every student’s least favorite part of a project, but as an educator you know it’s important. And, because the internet makes it quick and easy to get find information, helping students build a solid understanding of how to cite original sources and give credit to other people’s work is critical.

By reminding your students that the rules and regulations around “old school” citation and bibliography still apply, you can help them build important digital literacy skills. This will help them practice using electronic, internet resources responsibly when writing and publishing throughout their education and life.

Here are a few ways to insert citations and bibliography information into bulb. 

Want to see citations in action? Click here to check out this great example:

26 January 2019