Many capstone projects culminate with a presentation. Let’s face it, not everyone is comfortable standing up in front of the room to present to classmates and peers. However, it’s an important life skill we all need.

Here are some tips to ease the pain and help students build professional presentation building skills for life.

Reflect on presentation material.

Are your students taking time to document, reflect and understand the processes they used to construct their presentation? Documenting the process and reflecting on the project can help students prepare the script or talking points.  And when student go back through the project, teachers gain insights into the process and progress.

Here are some reflection questions to help your students organize their thoughts, ponder what they learned and how to present their findings.

Use powerful and effective presentation tools.

What tools are students using to communicate their ideas? How can students use several different tools to share their work and ideas that will last beyond presentation day?

We recommend these.

Visual, interactive presentations are just better. We know the one-size-fits-all learning method doesn’t work anymore. Your students can be presenting information in more than one way, whether it means an image, video, audio file or more.


This student documents her process of creating a final art project. She introduces her passion for cars, the object of her piece, to lay a foundation for the project. She builds out the history of car art and how she became interested in them. Then she brings us step by step through her art process — from drafting to adding color and texture, and editing.

This group of students researched, identified and tackled the issue of endangered elephants in Africa by creating a kinetic elephant model and presenting it to the Dallas Zoo. See how the project evolved, from start to finish.

This design student builds out every step of the ideation process behind a brand’s logo. See how she moves through the process herself to create a logo for her own make belief company.

The combination of infographic, images, videos and lists make this page easy and enjoyable to digest.

Watch this video to learn how you can present your work on bulb:

15 March 2019