No matter your bulb account (bulb, bulb+ or bulbEd) you can connect to Google Classroom—no complicated set up required.

One of our most frequently asked questions is, how does bulb integrate with Google Classroom? Below is a side by side look at an educator and student’s journey of using bulb and Google Classroom.

(Left) Educator Journey: Follow the educator’s steps to see how to create an assignment in bulb and distribute it to students through Google Classroom.

(Right) Student Journey: Follow the student’s steps to see how to turn in an assignment completed in bulb to Google Classroom.

To learn more about our integration with Google Classroom, here’s a 4-minute YouTube video that guides you through the integration. Or visit our Google Classroom help page.

In order to support the safety and continued learning of students in the face COVID-19, bulb has chosen to waive the cost of their flagship product, bulbEd, until the end of summer 2020. See how bulb can become part of your successful remote learning plan.


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6 May 2020