Make Magic with Single Sign On

Each day you have 25+ little, eager faces turned toward you in great expectation, excitement, nervousness and, for some, even fear.

The teeming potential in any given school day can make the stakes feel high for any educator, no matter how experienced. There’s a lot of pressure to capture and keep student attention and it can be hard won and fragile —even more so when introducing new tools and topics. There’s a lot that can go wrong during the process: forgetting passwords, fumbling with technology, both user and device errors alike.

That’s why bulb is a big believer in single sign-on technology.

In the spirit of the simple, beautiful and powerful, bulb champions SSO for the ease and accessibility it lends to classroom connectivity. SSO technology saves educators and students time by making it easier to get to the tools, resources, and platforms needed for learning.It’s like one ring to rule them all or killing two birds (let’s be honest —dozens) with one stone.

For many schools, single sign on integration means partnering with an SSO-specializing company who uses your school and classroom data to provision each student one set of login credentials for every application you use in the classroom. It’s like magic. No more juggling 20-character passwords, strange usernames, or the “I forgot my password” excuse again. SSO means one small click for you, one giant leap for your classroom’s ease of use.

“SSO makes it quicker for our students to sign on —they do not need to remember another password that they could forget,” said Keith Bolstein, network administrator at Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando.

“Teachers don’t have to remember to make changes if new students join the class or others switch classes and can spend more time getting their lesson plans ready instead of doing this work.”



3 December 2018