Digital Portfolios: The True Technicolor Story of Student Learning

Turning student data into student stories.

49% of public school parents say standardized tests don’t measure aspects of their child’s education that are important to them personally.

82% of Americans support job or career skills classes even if that means students might spend less time in academic classes.

Source: PDK Poll 2017

“Now that we have powerful, easy-to-use design tools and a capacity for worldwide publishing, we have an opportunity to restore the dignity and integrity of a work ethic with redefining the role of the learner as a contributor to the learning culture.” —Alan November, author of Who Owns the Learning

33% Increase in student completion rate among those using a digital portfolio.

85% of students believe a portfolio made them more aware of their growth as learners.

“An ePortfolio has supported my growth and learning because I was able to bring my ideas together. I learned that I have accomplished a lot throughout my college career.” —Student from Catalyst for Learning

Making Experience Visible

“Experience is valuable in helping us to reflect on how we learn—particularly on how, as learners, we experience the interplay between cognition and metacognition. This is crucially important in shaping the effectiveness of learning and in influencing students’ motivations to learn.” —Student from Catalyst For Learning

The Power of Publishing

“It sounds a little extreme, but in this day in age, if your work isn’t online, it doesn’t exist.” —Austin Kleon, New York Times bestselling author

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12 January 2018