An interview with Larry Jacobs, host of Education Talk Radio.

We sat down with Education Talk Radio to talk about the global digital portfolio movement. We wanted to share some highlights from our conversation, in case you wanted to join, here’s a quick recap.


The main questions addressed: When will we replace antiquated assessment tools? When will competency go beyond a grade or a test score, and give fair advantage to all learners? 


Our answer: Right now, in the vivacious 21st century. 


The current era boasts individuality. We’re not all great test-takers. We thrive in different environments and we’re great in different ways. There’s an abundance of resources and we can become whoever we want. The power is in our hands and supported by a digital portfolio. 


Digital portfolios paint the whole picture, not just part of it. They identify strengths and weaknesses and show who you are without the pressure of an interview or a test. Some skills are hard to capture during an exam – or when someone is skimming your resume. Digital portfolios can give students, or anyone, the opportunity to create their own prompt, learn from experiences and showcase their best skills. 


A digital portfolio is the new way to show off competency to land a job, internship, scholarship or to advance careers. They give you ownership of your learning and growth. Our call ends with this: let’s create equity in learning, promote expression and paint a better picture for every educator and every student.


Click here to listen to the full talk.

About Larry Jacobs


Larry Jacobs, M.Ed, is host of Education Talk Radio and Publisher of AC&E Digital Journal ( Accessibility, Compliance & EQUITY) at 

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20 September 2019