Get bulbEd free until the end of summer 2020.

In order to support the safety and continued learning of students in the face COVID-19, we have chosen to waive the cost of our flagship product, bulbEd, until the end of summer 2020.

Contact our care team to set up your free bulbEd account.

The rapid spread of Covid-19 has lead to the closure of thousands of schools across the world.

Every day, more and more districts are shifting to remote learning as part of the emergency response, and bulb is here to help. 

To get bulbEd for free, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Click the ‘contact our care team’ button to go to our contact page.

  2. Select ‘ COVID-19 RESPONSE’ as your reason for contacting us.

  3. Complete the form and submit it. Someone from our care team will follow up with you to help.

Get started quickly.

Our care team is ready and on-call. We can have you up and running with your instructional and administrative teams trained in a matter of days, along with a robust resource center. Here’s how we’re supporting you.

  • Integrate student and teacher rosters.
  • Quick virtual learning guide and training.
  • Immediate access to instructional templates and assignments.
  • Ongoing live support.

Meet bulb


bulb is easy to use across grade levels, with over 1.5 million bulbs published across all 50 states and 110 countries worldwide.

  • Portable – Access bulb anywhere, anytime, on any web-enabled device, iOS and Android.
  • Safe & Secure – Set publishing permissions. No data mining or ads. FERPA and COPPA-compliant.
  • Connected – Works out of the box with over 1,900 apps, programs & LMS platforms you already use, including Google and Microsoft Education tools.
  • Collaborative – In-app comments and direct real-time feedback keep the conversation going between educators and students.

Take a 90-second tour.

Contact us →  to schedule a call with a digital portfolio expert
today and learn how you can use bulb when facing potential closures.