Teaching & Learning with bulb

When a Student has an “A-ha Moment” the Experience is Unforgettable

Capture more of these moments by empowering students with a bulb digital portfolio to interact with content and communicate their ideas in multi-dimensional ways.

This kind of approach inspires and motivates students because they can create a beautiful expression of who they are and what they know.

Why bulb Digital Portfolios?

Measure what matters

Give assignments to make student learning more transparent and better evaluate student work and measure competencies throughout the year. Determine comprehension, encourage reflection and refinement, and provide feedback to further personalize learning for students.

Teach with relevancy

Create modern learning lessons by inviting students to create beautiful work with any type of media-rich digital content. Connect teaching and learning to their digital lifestyle.

Document process and progress

Watch how your students grow personally and academically throughout the year. Provide personalized instruction to inspire deeper learning and build upon a student’s learning style and approach to learning.

Build your skills

Cultivate your professional development and document personal accomplishments including badges or micro-credentials.


Ready to see how bulb can change your classroom?