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Kaden J. – Elementary School

I’m in 1st Grade. I love building with Legos, writing about Star Wars, turtles and the color green.

Gabe W. – Elementary School

I’m a 4th grader who loves learning, my dog and going climbing at the climbing gym.

Angela Olsen – Middle School

I’m in the 8th Grade at Green Valley Middle School. I’m a SW Regional Science Fair Award Recipient and love playing soccer.

Keira Samuels – High School

I’m a junior at Flatirons High School. I love playing Volleyball and have passions for people, puppies and pizza.

Derrell Walker – High School

I’m a senior at Southridge High School. I like science, music and making people laugh.

Keith McBrayer – High School

I’m a high school senior who loves pursuing my passions deeply. You can find me trail running, playing the violin, or eating the spiciest food in Austin.

Chris Taylor – Educator

I’m a teacher at Pine View High School, a father of two and a total science nerd.

Sally Hayman – Educator

I am a Valley View High School teacher, a dedicated writer and a passionate music lover.

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