Show the world what you know

Stand out. Be creative. Share your smarts.

You are more than your GPA. Create a beautiful collection of all your best work in a bulb digital portfolio.

On bulb you can:

  • Document all your work, including group projects.
  • Collect & create a multimedia record of your knowledge using videos, sketches, audio clips, writing, gifs and more.
  • Decide what stays and what goes.
  • Share what you want with your teacher, parents, peers or the world.
  • Build a resume for university admissions, internships or employment opportunities.
Here are 5 reasons you should build a digital portfolio.

1. Take ownership of your learning. Publish it. Share it. Take it with you.

2. Answer questions like “Who am I?” and “How do I learn?” Build higher order thinking skills as you construct your whole story.

3. Develop your personal brand. Express your personal perspective to anyone you choose, even the whole world.

4. Hone your skills to stand out for success. Collaborate, communicate, use critical thinking and problem-solving skills as you build your bulb digital portfolio.

5. Bring real-world meaning to education. Connect your class work with real-world experience, make connections across subjects and share your personal passions.

bulb is a place where everything you know, think and do comes together. Seriously, bulb can handle it.

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