Customer Stories

Digital portfolios have never been easier.

The 4th largest school district in the U.S, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, excites students and teachers to use ePortfolios by hosting a high energy event around CTE, STEM and STEAM.…. Read more.

Miami-Dade County | Miami, FL

After a successful 600+ student trial, Study Group partners with bulb to give students across their entire network the advantage in the ever-changing graduate employment market.…. Read more.

Study Group | UK International Study Centre (ISC)

Located just outside the vibrant tech hub of Austin, Texas, Eanes ISD is no stranger to transformational ed tech adoptions…. Read more.

Eanes ISD | Austin, TX

E4Youth helps high school students find and prepare for employment opportunities by showcasing their digital portfolios to industry professionals at their annual event.…. Read more.

E4Youth | Austin, TX

Village Tech uses bulb digital portfolios as an assessment tool to capture evidence of student process and learning in their mastery-based assessment model.…. Read more.

Village Tech | Duncanville, TX

Belinda Medellin and her high schoolers at CAST Tech quickly adapted to the new remote learning environment, successfully implementing project-based .…. Read more.

Belinda Medellin | CAST Tech High School

Professor Pavelock transformed how students document their experiences—from paper to digital portfolios…. Read more.

Prof. Dwayne Pavelock | Sam Houston State University

“I don’t want my students to be restricted to the four walls of the classroom. bulb gives them the creative outlet to showcase their work.”

Tara Bordeaux | Director of Cinematic & Media Arts

“For end of year reviews, teachers capture video of their students’ presentations, put it in a bulb page, and share it with their administrator. It’s so simple.

Belinda Medellin | Master Teacher, UX Pathway

“Instead of the old school format of resumes & cover letters, bulb allowed me to share pictures, quotes & things I love with others in a format I wouldn’t be able to do on paper.”

Melissa Quintanilla-Vasquez | English Teacher

“It’s not just a single sheet. It more of look at what I’ve done in great detail, and get to know who I am too. It’s also online so it’s not just someone quickly shuffling through papers.”

Noah Wong | 10th grade student, CAST Tech High School

“Nowadays people aren’t asking for resumes. They want to see what you’ve done. bulb digital portfolios help you do that.”


Jason Salazar | 10th grade student, CAST Tech High School

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